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Valor for Vets

Valor for Vets

Willis Group is committed to serving our nation's veterans. Through our veteran employment program, "Valor for Vets," Willis Group aims to ease the transition to civilian life for those who serve our country, by helping veterans and their families secure new job opportunities and career development resources.

Our success is driven by our community connections, both locally and nationally. In addition to our extensive team of in-house resource development managers, Willis Group is currently partnering with over 500 Veteran Service Organizations (VSO's), which aid veterans with numerous job related services, including interview preparation, resume writing assistance and skills training.

Despite the abundant resources and VSO's available in our country today, it can be daunting to engage in those opportunities as a returning service member. Valor for Vets bridges that gap for our military families. By utilizing relationships we've built over 10 years in the service community, we are able to help veterans reach their professional goals as they transition into the civilian workforce. We connect veterans and their families to opportunities in the following areas:

Jobs and Careers



We have found that hiring a veteran benefits the company and community alike, and we are proud to serve those who have served us.

To contact a representative for valor for vets, contact Lynette Sawyer at lsawyer@willisgroupus.com