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Talent Acquisition

Leaders of successful organizations rarely differ with respect to the strategic importance of talent. The ability to find and hire the right person at the right time and retain them is an absolute necessity. Outstanding organizations and trusted brands agree on these additional important points:

We couldn’t agree more. Both our culture and processes reinforce the need to establish strong relationships, better communication, and the understanding and familiarity necessary to achieve true alignment. Rather than providing people who merely "satisfy" the requirement, we aim to help our clients obtain the benefits of aligned talent and avoid the very real risk and cost associated with "bad hires" and poorly matched employees. The compatibility of candidate preferences and attitudes with organizational traits is the most important success factor in hire quality and longevity as well as the level of employee engagement. Traits such as culture, vision, team dynamics, and communication styles must all be considered in creating alignment and avoiding disruption.

To help our companies succeed and ensure the scalability and responsiveness necessary to meet the changing needs of a growing client base, Willis Group invests continuously in process, infrastructure, and technology. Enhanced systems, reliable data, and automation of lower value tasks allow our seasoned recruiting teams to focus on the important details that translate to talent alignment and help build outstanding organizations.

Willis Group’s suite of staffing and recruiting capabilities and the companies that deliver them include:

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