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Purpose and Mission


Change lives by advancing careers and enhancing the environments in which they are pursued.

Having been involved in the staffing and recruiting space for many years, our leaders have seen the far reaching positive effect produced by creating true alignment between candidate and organization. Having been in the solutions and services businesses, we have witnessed how employees experience in a highly personal way the benefits of improved processes, access to the right tools, and cohesive culture – to name just a few. Willis Group believes that the highest and best use of our collective skills, knowledge, and experience is to deliver services and solutions that create positive change in individual lives which then translate to organizational improvement and business success. Acting as servant leaders and concentrating on people as the focal point of our value are critical to achieving the returns on our efforts, in terms of both finance and fulfillment, possible only through a true service culture. To all of us here at Willis Group and our companies, business is always personal.


To become a recognized champion of success sought out by leaders and experts as the trusted partner in entrepreneurial venture.

As any experienced leader or business owner knows, bringing the right people together under the right conditions has always been the real key to success and it is Willis Group’s primary goal. Founded by entrepreneurs, Mark A. Willis and Michael T. Willis, Willis Group embraces the entrepreneurial spirit and strives to create a supportive environment of growth for companies whose products and services create opportunity at the organizational and individual level. Our ultimate goal and barometer of success is to become the recognized entrepreneurial partner sought after by the best and brightest as a preferred alternative to traditional startup.

Willis Group brings a world-class leadership team, scalable shared services, and access to capital which offers a unique blend of benefits and opportunity for each of our companies. The guidance and resources of Willis Group, coupled with the leadership of each brand, allow for growth as well as rapid response to market changes and opportunities.