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Whether applied toward the acquisition and alignment of talent, organizational and process improvement, or providing resources and insight to help IT align with business and demonstrate value, our companies enhance careers, build stronger organizations, and improve business performance. With the needs of our clients and candidates always in mind, we continually seek to enhance or expand the capabilities and presences of our companies as well as seek out and evaluate opportunities for new lines of business which are a good fit for our "entrepreneurial" philosophy and operating model. Additional criteria of our development and growth strategy, and perhaps the most important, are alignment with purpose and synergy with our existing portfolio. The greatest returns, both internally and in terms of value to the customer, are realized when these criteria are satisfied.

Pursuing this strategy, Willis Group has attracted and nurtured the critical leadership and talent that have culminated in a family of companies whose capabilities are both additive and synergistic in value to our clients. The convergence of our thought leadership and subject matter expertise with specialized talent acquisition competencies allows Willis Group to offer competitive project and service delivery capabilities. The offerings made possible under Willis Group’s model are far more flexible, cost effective, and accessible to the middle market and small business than comparable solutions. For a visual depiction of the Willis Group convergence model, see our service portfolio.

Willis Group is proud to be associated with the outstanding leaders of our companies and the dedicated individuals on the front line who stand behind the promise of each brand. Each one of them is integral to fulfilling our purpose and pursuing our mission. Collectively, they are the heart of the Willis Group and it is our goal to provide them with the resources, guidance, and latitude for innovation they need to set new benchmarks and redefine success.

Our family of companies, their scope of capabilities, and their specific services and point solutions are illustrated below. We encourage you to visit the company pages to discover more about each of our brands, how they benefit our customers, and the leadership that guides and supports the people who make it happen.

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