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About Willis Group

We are a family of companies whose common cultural asset is an overriding focus on service excellence and value. At the heart of everything we do lies the idea that producing value and positive change at the personal level is the most direct route to a lasting organizational impact and sustainable success for our businesses. Contrary to the popular expression, we believe that business is always personal.

Drawing on 70 years of combined business experience and industry knowledge, each of our companies was built from the ground up to focus specialized knowledge and deep experience on very specific opportunities, needs, and problems of our clients. Each is led by proven industry veterans and subject matter experts whose successful corporate experiences made them ideal candidates. Ideal not only because they learned “what works” in their roles with industry leading companies and iconic brands but, more importantly, because they learned “what doesn’t.”

Together, the competencies and specialized subject matter expertise found within our individual brands comprise a comprehensive set of services, solutions, and advisory capabilities to enhance business performance and build exceptional organizations. Ranging from tactical to strategic, the suite of capabilities affords clients a platform for workforce scalability and quality as well as a cost-effective avenue for organizational and business process improvement.

From staff augmentation and recruiting to professional services, our family of brands exists to deliver the services, solutions, and guidance that align talent with business objectives and optimize the environments in which they work.

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